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There are many ways to deal with a midlife crisis or that blah feeling one gets after the realization  hits that you will never pitch or play shortstop for the Pittsburgh Pirates.   After I stumbled across this documentary   http://www.archive.org/details/ValleyTo1940 ,   filmed in my hometown during the Great Depression, I had an idea.

Uncle Ben, Printer Patriot             I wonder what Ben Franklin would have done with the Internet? Now, I’m no Franklin, not evern a poor man’s version. If you spend some time at this site then you will come up with a whole list of things that I am not. However, I live in a great town.  Been here for 25 years. Interesting people live in Tallahassee. Many fancy themselves writers, philosophers, political activists and so on.   And some of these folks are my friends. I have interesting friends, just like Franklin did. 

An interesting friend I never met was John Dewey. Like Franklin he appreciated the value of a newspaper and the companionship of interesting people. Dewey didn’t have the Internet either but saw communication technology as a tool for democracy.

Somehow, Franklin and Dewey ideas are going to produce something in the context of Tallahassee at this here web site. If you would like to help bring that about send me a message and I’ll be in touch.

Thanks for stopping by.

James Call Biography

Call is a former Pennsylvania steel worker

James Call has written about the people and places of North Florida for 25 years.  Florida Public Radio’s Chief Legislative News Producer, Call is a former executive producer of news for WTXL-TV, managing editor of Tallahassee’s community newspaper,  Apalachee Tortoise and once wrote for and served as an associated editor for Research in Review magazine, Florida Wildlife magazine and a variety of publications.

Call earned a Master of Arts in public affairs journalism at The Ohio State University where he was a 1996 Kiplinger Fellow. His reporting has won numerous awards; state, regional and international.  However it should be noted that journalism schedules more awards ceremonies than any other profession;  luncheons and banquets play an important role in a journalist’s diet.


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